Hello, I am Tee Jaay the owner and Founder of Finer Bling LLC™. I became a member of my beloved sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, INC. in 2013.

 It was never my intention to have a business. I wanted a bling Zeta case, so I did some research and found them and said to myself “these things are expensive” lol. I decided to try it out myself, because I was being cheap. My first case came out horrible in my opinion, but I posted it and I got a lot of positive feedback. I had a lot of good vibes coming my way, so I did more research to learn what I needed to make one of good quality. Once I did that, the rest is history. It started out as me being cheap but now it’s my heart and I put my everything into it. I have gone from making phone cases to custom clothing and now subscription boxes for my Sorors and Friends. I began to see a need for my organization to have great quality and cute paraphernalia. I have dedicated my all to bringing the best paraphernalia I can.

 I love what I do, and one reason is because the possibilities are endless. I make custom bling items that are unique to each customer. I pride myself on those items standing out from the rest. I want everyone to be happy with their Finer Bling LLC™ piece. Finer Bling LLC™ is about “being unique from others and looking finer while doing it.”

~Tee Jaay